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National Take Your Dog To Work Day

“Don’t wait for the right opportunity: create it.” — George Bernard Shaw

There’s so many opportunities within social media and making the most of them is key to success. Don’t miss ‘National Take Your Dog To Work Day’ on 23rd June. Everybody loves dogs and if you’re looking to sky rocket your reach and engagement figures, get prepared with some super cute dog photos. It’s no secret you’re more likely to get good engagement on content that includes our favourite furry friends. Here’s some innovative ideas for making the most of this opportunity…

A cute dog looks at a computer screen in an office
This post will get tails wagging...

Social media takeover — Have you ever wanted to tweet from an entirely different perspective? Take your dog to work and let them ‘takeover’ your social media platforms. Create a voice for them and don’t forget to include an appropriate sign off — 🐾

Make your dog the model — Take advantage of your dog’s popularity! Snap loads of photos of any dogs in the office. Glossy images will work particularly well on Instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtags to increase reach and engagement… #NationalTakeYourDogToWorkDay #OfficeDog

Video — Video content is king on social media at the moment. Film the moment your dog arrives at the office. Ideally both pets and people will be visible. Try and keep the video as short as possible, under 15 seconds ideally.

Dog at work — Take some shots of your dog getting involved in the workplace. Whether it’s typing at a computer, using the printer or getting stuck into lunch, you can make your pet the focus of that day’s social media content.

Dog profile — If you have a few dogs visit your work place from time to time, this is the perfect opportunity to profile them on your social media channels. Get a great photo of them and pair it with some fun facts about the office pet. What’s their favourite food, favourite place to go walkies and favourite toy? You can even give them an extra special honorary job title — Head of pup-lick relations!

Emojis — Don’t forget to include relevant emojis in your content for this special day, here’s our top picks: 🐾🐕🐶🐩🦴❤️🫶🤗

Top tip — Prepare in advance. Just because 23rd June is National Take Your Dog To Work Day, doesn’t mean you actually have to write all your content and take all your photos/videos on that day. If it’s easier to prepare the content a week in advance, do that. After all it might not be a great idea to bring the dogs in if you have a super important meeting that day.


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