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Trick or Treat? Scarily Good Marketing Tips

Happy Halloween from the OCOCO Media team.... 👻 🦇 🎃 🕸️

A selection of spooky Halloween pumpkins, carved by the OCOCO team

What better way to celebrate than with a little social media marketing sorcery? Here's our look at the biggest social media tricks of all, and some strategic treats to get your online presence back on track...

☠️ Trick - Trying to be active on all social media networks! Unless you're a massive brand with a hugely diverse audience base, and a tonne of resource, this is the quickest way to spread yourself too thin and exhaust a small marketing team.

🍬 Treat - Accept less is more… Not every network is right for your brand. If you’re selling mobility scooters, TikTok marketing may not be the best use of your time. Research your target audience and the networks they’re most active on - then meet them there!

☠️ Trick - Spamming your audience with a surge of irrelevant content is a horror story for your social media strategy. Whilst it might seem tempting as a quick way to boost your visibility, it often leaves your audience feeling overwhelmed and irritated.

🍬 Treat - A content calendar will help you keep track of your posting schedule, helping you plan out future content at a steady pace. In doing so, you’ll ensure you’re consistently creating a diverse range of content that’s relevant, engaging and faithful to your brand.

☠️ Trick - Posting and running! You can automate your social media marketing and schedule your content in advance, but you can never automate the conversation. Posting at times when you're too busy - or don't want to - reply is setting your schedule up for a fall.

🍬 Treat - It might seem obvious, but if people want to engage with your brand, it’s important to respond. Monitor for comments and you may spot the perfect opportunity to start a conversation. Nothing turns potential buyers away more than being ignored.

What are your top social media treats? Let us know in the comments! 🍭


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