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A Frightful Flight - a Halloween Horror Story

Take one last frightful flight this Halloween with a social media icon. X marks the spot in this spooky tale of an innocent little bird and a dark, mysterious power...

In a land not too far away, a little bird glided weightlessly through a breezy October sky. He flew aimlessly, flitting from branch to branch, savouring the crisp smell of autumn leaves and morning dew. It was his favourite time of the day, when the world felt fresh and echoes of his playful tweets softly cut through the silence.

Suddenly, a brash, howling wind swept through the land, tearing the little bird from his branch and pulling him into a swirling state of chaos. He thrashed and heaved, flapping hysterically to escape the gale and working himself into a frantic state of terror. The air became denser, sharper and piercing in his lungs. As the storm tightened its grip on his delicate body, it carried him higher and higher into the smoky clouds above.

The darkness was suffocating. It consumed him. Desperate and gasping for breath, the little bird was enveloped in shadows. His beloved blue landscape slowly slipped away, hurling him into a monstrous monochromatic world.

Sharp shooting pains seared across his body as the wind mercilessly pierced and ripped through his feathers. One by one, they became at one with the gale, whirling around like fallen leaves. His heartbeat thundered in his chest, desperately trying to escape until he was utterly overpowered.

A stillness washed over the land as the gale moved on. On the ground, two feathers lay menacingly in an X, marking the spot where Larry the Bird tweeted for the very last time.

A gravestone for Larry the Bird, surrounded by fog and gnarled tree branches, in a  graveyard


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