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Spooktacular Social Media Marketing

This is how the story begins,

On a dark dark hill,

there was a dark dark city.

In the dark dark city,

there was a dark dark Business Quarter.

In the dark dark Business Quarter,

there was a dark dark Northern Design Centre.

In the dark dark Northern Design Centre,

there was a dark dark staircase.

Up the dark dark staircase,

there was a dark dark office…

and in the dark dark office, some skeletons lived.

There were some social media marketing skeletons, some graphic design skeletons, and a dog skeleton.

A skeleton dog wearing an orange and blue hoodie, in the style of Funnybones

One day, the boss skeleton sat up at her desk.

She scratched her skull.

“What should we do for Halloween?” she said

“Let’s write some social media horror stories” said the other skeletons,

“and have some fun!”

“Good idea” the boss skeleton said.

So the social media skeletons,

The graphic design skeletons, and the dog skeleton

Sat in the dark, dark office,

In the dark, dark Northern Design Centre,

And started to create some spooky content…

Welcome to our OCOCO Media Halloween post series, we hope you enjoy our tales of social media terror! We'll be sharing our top tricks and treats for keeping your marketing on-track, and a few creative pieces. Stay wicked.


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