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How To Become a LinkedIn Video Pro

When it comes to video advertising, LinkedIn may not spring to mind. However, with regular updates to the platform, video is becoming a more useful marketing tool. It’s a great way to engage your audience and ultimately drive results for you and your business.


Why LinkedIn?

Although LinkedIn may not be the most obvious platform for your video marketing strategy, if your business is B2B, it’s vital to utilise this tool. One of the most important aspects of LinkedIn video is that your posts can be up to 10 minutes long. Usually on social media we recommend short videos, often under 30 seconds, for maximum visibility and engagement. However, LinkedIn as a platform lends itself well to videos that could be explaining an idea or showcasing a product. There’s also the option to use LinkedIn Live which is a live broadcasting tool that allows you to be in front of your audience in real time. This would be ideal for new product unveiling or live-streaming a conference.


Post a LinkedIn Video

If you’re looking to stand out in the LinkedIn algorithm, video is a great place to start. Here’s some things to keep in mind before you start filming your video:

Maximum file size – 5 GB

Minimum file size – 75 KB

Maximum video duration – 10 minutes

Minimum video duration – 3 seconds

Resolution range – 256x144 – 4096x2304

Aspect ratio – 1:2.4 – 2.4:1

Frame rates – 10 FPS – 60 FPS

Bit rates – 192 KBPS – 30 MBPS

Three screenshots showcasing video posting method for LinkedIn. Screenshot of captions, screenshot of trim screen and screenshot of text screen.

Post with mobile:

  1. Click post, then the media icon in the bottom left corner. 

  2. Select the video file from your saved videos. 

  3. This will bring you to the editing screen. Tap the scissors icon to trim the video. 

  4. Tap the text icon to add and adjust text on top of the video.

  5. Tap the cc icon to add captions. If the Add auto captions toggle is on, LinkedIn will automatically add captions to your video. Ensure you review captions on the LinkedIn website before sharing to avoid errors.

  6. Tap the sticker icon add a range of stickers to your video. 

  7. Click next.

  8. You can then add the copy for your post. Tap the pencil icon to go back into the editing screen. 

Screenshot of video posting method for LinkedIn on desktop with captions.

Post via desktop:

  1. Tap the media icon.

  2. Select the video from your files.

  3. Tap the media icon to select your thumbnail.

  4. Tap cc to add captions. Toggle on add auto captions then review captions before viewers can see them. Or upload an SRT video to your video.

  5. Tap apply then next before posting your video.

Go Live on LinkedIn

Eligible members and Pages can create and broadcast a LinkedIn Live. Eligibility is based on a set of criteria, including audience base, abiding by policies and location. Click here to learn more about eligibility. Once your page is eligible you will see the option to select LinkedIn Live in the Event format dropdown. It’s important to remember that you cannot stream directly from LinkedIn. You will need a streaming tool to broadcast LinkedIn Lives.


Host a LinkedIn Live:

  1. Choose a streaming tool. LinkedIn’s preferred partners are Restream, Socialive, StreamYard, Switcher Studio and Vimeo.

  2. Connect the streaming tool to your LinkedIn page.

  3. Create a Live Event.

  4. Set up your Livestream.

  5. Go Live.


Video Ads

LinkedIn video ads are a great way to grow brand awareness and engage with new audiences.

  1. Choose your campaign objective; awareness, consideration or conversions.

  2. Choose from a variety of design and placement options. You can create 4-5 ads in your campaign to increase exposure and optimise for highest performance.

  3. Go to the Ads in this campaign page in Campaign Manager

  4. Click Create new ad(s)

  5. Enter a name for your ad

  6. Upload your video and SRT file for captions

  7. Add a Headline, Destination URL and Call-to-action button.

  8. Click the Save ad button.


5 Tips For Creating Video on LinkedIn

  1. Keep the video short where possible. Although LinkedIn will allow you to post videos up to 10 minutes in length, try to keep most of your videos short. Optimal length is recommended to be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. This will help you to keep your viewers attention for the whole video.

  2. Add captions. Accessibility is important for videos on social media and one of the easiest ways to make your video accessible is with captions. You can either hard edit the captions on to your video using your editing software or if you have the captions in an SRT file, add them on when you upload your video to LinkedIn.

  3. Get the thumbnail right. Before someone presses play on your video they will often see the thumbnail. You can select this in the upload process, but if you don’t LinkedIn will select it for you. Choose a frame that is interesting and will encourage your audience to watch the video.

  4. Be professional. LinkedIn is a professional platform, so keep that in mind with your content, setting and tone. Although you can still have fun with your video, always remember that you are representing your business/brand.

  5. Prioritise visuals and audio. To maintain professional standards, you will want to ensure that the video quality is up to scratch. Although it doesn’t need to be cinema quality, it should be something that reflects your business. Invest in appropriate tech such as external microphones and lights to enhance quality.

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