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It’s vital for every brand to have advocates on social media and employees can be some of the leading proponents for your business. Whether they’re at the centre of your strategy or participating through likes and comments, encouraging employees to become brand ambassadors can measurably increase your social media reach.

Sometimes employees can be resistant to get involved for a number of reasons, but it’s important to find ways to break down those barriers where possible. Take a look at our top tips for getting your employees excited about social media advocacy.



Three people sitting on steps with laptop and phone.

Whether you’re the owner of the business, head of marketing or any other managerial role, it’s important to show employees your willingness to get involved in social media. Set the example by creating videos, establishing your meet-the-team profile and engaging with the company’s page. If staff see that you’re active on social media, they’re more likely to follow your lead and begin to engage.


Start small

Being front and centre in a Facebook video for the brand could be intimidating to new members of staff. Set the standard by introducing each new member of the team with a “meet-the-team” series on social media. Create a profile by asking them about their favourite things to do and best parts of the job. Staff may begin to feel more comfortable and eventually participate in more complex social media campaigns.


Celebrate success

Five people gathered around laptop in office.

Use social media to celebrate the successes of your employees. If they’ve won an award or exceeded a target, take a photo and write an accompanying congratulatory post. Employees are much more likely to engage with a post that makes them feel a sense of achievement. It’s also possible that the post will receive engagement from their friends and family.

Idea generation

While it’s important to give your employees examples of content you’d like them to create for social media, it’s also viral to listen to their ideas. After all, they’re the ones who are at the centre of your business every day. If their idea doesn’t meet the tone and goals of your business, try to reformat it into something with a more appropriate brief.



Two people recording video with make-up.

While your employees may be great at generating ideas and creating content, they may not know all of the recommended guidelines. Create a ‘social media cheat sheet’ for your business, where you can remind employees that vertical photos and videos are best for social media. You can also remind them of recommended video lengths and best practices specific to your business.


There are so many ways to get employees involved and with the continuous growth of social media, you may find that your team are more eager than ever. Always remember to get employee permission before posting and ensure that you keep it fun for everyone!


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