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The Biggest Social Media Marketing Myths… Busted!

In an increasingly connected world, social media marketing has transformed the playing field– making it easier than ever before to reach audiences online. But with great power comes great responsibility, so let’s take a look beyond the headline social media marketing myths, and focus on what can be done to drive results instead…

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Myth One: You Need to Be Active on Every Social Network Going

Busted – this just isn’t true! For smaller brands, organisations and productions, this approach can lead to limited marketing resources being spread too thin, and opportunities missed.

What to do instead: You do need to be active on the social networks that your audiences are active on, so check demographic profiles and select your platforms carefully.

For added focus, put your selected social networks into opportunity order – and work from there.

Pro tip - there’s no harm in registering usernames on networks you don’t plan to use right now to protect your brand!

Myth Two: Going Viral Is Easy

Busted – going viral is often the opposite of easy! Plus, of the branded viral moments you see on social media, very few of those actually happen by accident.

What to do instead: Get to work! Establish a clear plan featuring seasonal content that drives hype, and approach key influencers and thought leaders to tap into their existing audiences.

Pro tip – micro-influencers (those with highly engaged only followings of approx. 10,000 users) are often the most collaborative and, in numbers, can drive huge results!

Myth Three: It’ll All Fall into Place on Its Own

Busted – ‘if you build it, they will come’ only works in the movies. The only way to real social media success is by setting clear goals and taking tangible actions to achieve them.

What to do instead: Set targets and keep score. Focus on what’s most important – whether that’s directing traffic to your website or growing your online audience, or anything in between, and make that your measured priority.

Pro tip – most social media platforms offer incredible free insights and analytics, so set time aside to regularly check your performance!

If you’re keen to achieve more from your social media marketing, we’re here to help make it happen. Contact us for a complimentary consultation today.


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