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Valentines Day Social Media Matchmaker

Just like modern dating, social media can be an overwhelming landscape to navigate. With a pool of platforms, digital trends and marketing techniques at your fingertips, it can be hard to know which ones are going to speak the love language of your business. We’re playing Social Media Matchmaker, exploring what trends you should be swiping right on and which ones are a huge red flag for your brand.

Engaging your audience + Short-form video = it's a match

On social media, particularly TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, short-form video is a sweet-spot for effectively engaging your audience. Whether you’re using it to showcase a product, build hype for a new launch or celebrate team achievements, it enables you to create content in an accessible, unique and humanised manner.

Short-form video typically refers to video content that is less than 60 seconds long. Catering to society’s dwindling average attention span of 8.25 seconds, the videos present fast, easily digestible content to your audience, with little to no commitment required of them. From Reels on Instagram and Facebook to Shorts on YouTube, many platforms have created features exclusively for this type of content.

Photo of woman taking a photograph of crockery on her smartphone.

Whilst short-form video is not a new idea, it’s a rocketing trend in 2024 that shows no signs of losing momentum. In a recent blog post, X rebranded itself as a ‘video-first platform’, claiming people watch video in 8 out of 10 user sessions. The fact that we’re seeing this shift on a long-standing text-based platform exemplifies the power of short-form video. Therefore, when planning future content for your socials, you should definitely show this trend some love.

Just remember to…

  1. Film vertically

  2. Open with a killer hook or visual

  3. Engage with trends (e.g sound bytes, songs, filters)

  4. Don’t forget your call-to-action. Whether you make your video shoppable or encourage users to follow your account, you need to make the most of every view.

Content Creation + AI = It’s Complicated

Our relationship with AI is a complicated one to say the least. Whilst it has huge potential to speed up our creative processes, it can also be damaging to a brand when it is not used carefully. It feels like every day we awake to a new crop of AI-powered features that seemingly flourished overnight to change the marketing game, but it’s important to stay mindful of the potential limits and risks of using these technologies.

AI can be used effectively for a range of marketing tasks, including: automated copywriting; scheduling; image and video editing; managing conversations with followers; and analysing statistics. For example, by whispering the right prompt into ChatGPT’s observant ear, you can magically conjure up a post that compliments the tone and voice of your brand. This could be handy if you need some inspiration or are struggling to find the perfect phrasing. Meta is currently establishing itself as a strong advocate of AI, using it to evolve messaging capabilities, monitor peak posting times and revolutionise how we edit content.

However, generative AI has its limitations. With the ability to draw from untrustworthy, outdated sources and create a slew of repetitive content, it lacks the instincts and creative nuances that humans possess—qualities that are vital for ensuring all content is factually accurate, easy to understand and faithful to your brand.

The legalities of AI are still being negotiated too, leaving a lot of grey areas that could pose potential risks to your business in the future. You don’t want to get in trouble a few years down the line because you jumped on a viral trend and pitched a product in the style of George R. R. Martin.

At the heart of a humanised brand, rather unsurprisingly, are humans—a body of people that are passionate about their company and its values. Without this personal touch, a brand’s output runs the risk of appearing robotic and insincere, thus failing to resonate with its target audience.

Ultimately, for AI, it’s all about balance. With the right application, it can be an incredibly useful and fruitful tool for your digital strategy, yet it must be used in moderation and closely monitored.

Posting + Ghosting = heartbreak

What does a serial dater and online audience have in common? They hate being ghosted.

Ghosting is when someone abruptly severs communication. A brand may do this to its audience by posting inconsistently over long periods of time, failing to engage with user-generated content and ignoring customer messages. Such behaviour is a flaming red flag, suggesting the brand does not value its customers and is a passive voice in its industry.

Red heart balloon with pin in front of pink background.

Trust and loyalty is nurtured over time, so ensure you’re posting regularly and devoting time each day to respond to customer comments and queries. After all, a simple like can go a long way.

It may take a little time to fully learn your business' marketing love language, but with some creativity, research and planning, you'll find your perfect match. For expert help reaching your target customers, growing your online audiences, and driving enquiries and sales, contact OCOCO Media today for a complimentary consultation.


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