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Shape Up Your Social Media Marketing for Digital Success

2024 is here, and now is the time for fresh starts, clean slates and professional development. If one of your business goals for this year is to develop a social media marketing strategy that delivers the results you want, now is the time to commit to making it happen...

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With our increasingly online lives, and decreasing lines between real and electronic realms (hello Metaverse), it's essential for businesses of all sizes and sectors to have an effective online presence as part of their customer communication plan.  


The way in which your organisation composes and delivers messages online needs to be distinctly different from offline marketing to achieve its full potential - to engage audiences, to drive traffic to your website, and ultimately, to sell your products and services.


Though there are many digital opportunities quite literally at your fingertips, here are the exercises you need to undertake to shape up this social networking this year:


Exercise 1 - Select the right social media mix for your brand

Choose social media channels to focus on depending upon your target customer demographic.

If your clients are typically early adopters, then making sure you're keeping up with the latest social media platform is important, but if not, look for the networks where your customers are already engaging in a meaningful way. It's these existing online communities that your brand can tap into to really maximise results. There’s more on this coming up in our next blog post, so watch this space!


Exercise 2 - Stay consistent

Much like hitting the gym, you need to use your social networks frequently to see the best results and maintain a strong online impact. Set a clear posting target and stick to your schedule - planning in advance helps make this much more manageable.


Exercise 3 - Engage and approach

Unsurprisingly, being social is a big part of social media! Finding relevant social media accounts to engage with is key to a successful campaign on any network; aim to build connections with prominent individuals within your target market and businesses that have a similar customer base but aren't competitors. A little bit of digital collaboration can rapidly expand your online reach!


Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, and 2024 is already set to be another exciting year of social media opportunities for businesses.


For expert help shaping up your social media marketing - getting your Facebook fitter, lifting up your LinkedIn, invigorating your Instagram, and so much more – contact OCOCO Media today for a complimentary consultation.


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