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Welcome to the OCOCO Media Blog...

It's lovely to meet you.

If you're looking for expert social media marketing content, you're in the right place.

But first, allow us to introduce ourselves. Established in 2012 by Natalie Eminae, OCOCO Media is a dynamic social media marketing agency providing a comprehensive range of solutions for clients of all sizes and sectors.

Covering copywriting, graphic design, editing and marketing plan development, we provide everything you need to create the right online presence for your brand.

A lightbulb made from scrunched up orange paper

Based in Gateshead Quays in the North East of England, we work with clients across the UK on outsourced campaigns, and deliver strategic consultancy internationally.

Working with you, we're here to build your online reputation, drive website traffic and tangible leads, and engage current and future customers.

Our approach is simple - high impact campaigns, speedy turnarounds, and a strong focus on analytics and measuring results. Because our customers are our top priority, always.

Whatever your business needs, we're here to deliver exactly what you want. That means social media that sells, digital marketing that drives results, and ultimately, campaigns that add significant value to your business.

It's brilliant to have you with us.

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