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Discussion: Is Your Social Media A Joke?

Your best customer, your most high maintenance customer and your ideal customer (who hasn't bought from you yet) walk into a bar...

A phone with a cartoon face cry laughing on the screen, held in a hand

... But all the pubs are closing and no-one goes out any more, so let's say they all sit at home and go on Facebook instead. Is your online presence giving them what they need?

Are you posting great content that rewards and engages your best customers between purchases?

Are you providing real-time support for customers who need it and delivering actual custom service via social media?

Are you doing enough to raise awareness of your brand, generate interaction on your channels, capture interest and drive sales?

If you're not sure, now is the time to consciously make changes to your social media strategy. Here’s how to get started…

Think about your customer purchase cycles. This is how long it takes for your customer to go from today’s purchase to their next one. If you’re a coffee vendor, this could be one day, for a car dealership, it could be three years.

Then think about what information and support your customer needs between their purchases, what could add-value to their experience. Would they like to hear about new syrup and milk options to improve tomorrow’s order, or would checking out the latest concept car and newest automotive tech keep them keen to come back when their lease is up?

Is there anything you can supply the customer with while they’re still mid-purchase cycle? So maybe they don’t need another cup of coffee today, but have they seen your great lunch menu? Or where are they getting their car serviced while they own it? Sometimes it’s as simple as showcasing your other products and services on social media, raising customer awareness, but adding an incentive or an offer can have a huge draw.

Keep a clear focus on giving your customers value via social media – keeping them educated and/or entertained them in a way that actually improves their online experience. This will help to create a “monogamous relationship” between individuals and your brand, building trust, loyalty and repeat business.

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