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Happy #WorldSocialMediaDay Everyone

Today is an exciting day as we take a moment to celebrate the wonderful world of social media and the ways it has revolutionised how we communicate online. It’s no secret that social media can create incredible opportunities for you and your brand, but on what scale? Here’s some staggering statistics from DataReportal’s Digital 2023 April Global Statshot Report that showcase the power of social media, revealing which platforms are currently killing it and how truly captivated audiences are on social in 2023…

1. In 2023, our fingers are scrolling more than ever! Internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 now spend an average of 2 hours 24 minutes each day on social media.

2. Men in the ‘16 to 24’ age bracket currently spend the most time on social media — an average of 3 hours 5 minutes per day.

Graph Showing Daily Time Spent Using Social Media

3. 84.4% of the UK’s total population are actively using social media!

4. Facebook is the world’s most used social platform with 2.96 billion active users per month! Take a look at how other platforms performed by comparison...

Graph Showing The World's Most Used Social Platforms

5. In the world of social media marketing, Facebook is still the number one choice by professionals. Interestingly, the top three most used social platforms by marketers are all owned by Meta.

Graph Showing Social Media Platforms Used For Marketing

6. As of April 2023, Facebook ads can reach 2.25 billion of its 2.96 billion monthly users. That’s a 13.4% increase compared to January 2023!

7. On average, 47.7% of worldwide internet users use social media to learn more about brands and their content — creating huge opportunities for businesses looking to grow awareness about their brand online!

8. WhatsApp is currently the most frequently used social media app, with a percentage of 82.6% of active app users opening it every day. YouTube is the runner up, with 63.2% of app users opening it daily. Facebook came a close third at 62.8%.

9: Internet users aged between 16 and 64 actively use an average of 6.6 social media platforms per month!

10. When it comes to web traffic referrals from social, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the top three performers: 67.41% are driven by Facebook; 11.04% are driven by Instagram; and 10.35% are driven by Twitter. Pinterest came in fourth at 3.89%.

Source: DataReportal. “Digital 2023 April Global Statshot Report”. April 2023. Digital 2023 April Global Statshot Report — DataReportal — Global Digital Insights


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