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Digital Learning Guide For Social Media

The power of technology is transforming the world of education for children and adults. To recognise the importance of digital learning, we’ve collated a list of our top resources for learning social media skills online. It’s advisable to find training directly from the sources, and many platforms provide their own free courses.

Laptop and tablet on desk. Green screen on laptop that reads "learning".


Google – Free Digital Skills Training

Google’s free training tools can help you develop your digital skills as you grow your business or career. From learning the fundamentals of digital marketing to Google Ads training, there’s a whole list of resources that can help you develop your skills.

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Meta Blueprint – Free online courses

These great, free, self-guided courses from Meta can help you to build your marketing skills across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. From preparing to bring your business online, attracting an audience and building relationships, there’s training to develop your skills every step of the way.


Instagram Marketing Courses

If you’re looking for some training specifically about Instagram, this is the place to go. Whether you’re keen to learn about selling your products with Shops on Instagram or learn about going live, there’s a thorough catalogue of courses here for you.


X Business Basics

X Basics is the place to go if you’re just getting started on the platform. You can also access advertising, products, resources and guides, and the ads help centre through this webpage.


LinkedIn Resource Hub

LinkedIn’s Resource Hub offers courses to help build important skills. With 8 learning paths to help you develop your skills, the LinkedIn resources are there to help with whatever role or industry you’re in.


TikTok: Business Learning Center

If you’re keen to start using TikTok for your business, reaching a large audience and seeing results, this is the place to be. Learn about using ads, posting TikToks and finding your audience.


Pinterest Academy

Pinterest Academy is the new e-learning platform, here to help you get more out of your Pinterest advertising. Run standout campaigns and develop best-in-class skills. 



Learn something fun…

If you’re looking for something a little bit different to test your brain and help you pick up some new skills, take a look at these other fun resources:



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