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Crimbo Limbo: A Social Media Survival Guide

The presents are unwrapped, you’re eating chocolate round the clock and you have no idea what day it is. It must be Twixmas, the blissful period between Christmas and New Year.

Providing a well-deserved break from the excitement of Christmas, Twixmas can be a confusing time for brands when it comes to creating engaging social media content, leaving some trapped in the ambiguity of Crimbo Limbo. Many choose to temporarily reduce their online presence, despite their customers’ increased activity on social media. Is it a time to push sales or switch-up your digital strategy?

Read on for our handy Crimbo Limbo survival guide, designed to help you strengthen your social media presence as we get ready to welcome a new year.

Image featuring a Santa hat and grey book titled 'Crimbo Limbo Survival Guide'

Following Santa’s visit, Twixmas gives you the unique opportunity to keep the holiday momentum going and increase the longevity of your seasonal campaigns. Whilst it is primarily a period of relaxation, it is also synonymous with online and in-store discounts. Sales-focused content is still relevant as customer attitudes shift from gift-giving to self-indulgent purchasing. After all, we deserve to treat ourselves for all our hard work in the run-up to Christmas! So, how can you optimise your sales-focused content? 

  • Don’t be too pushy. From selling reduced seasonal stock to one-off discounts, a post-Christmas sale is a great way to attract customers and drive traffic to your socials. However, after enduring months of intense, high-pressure sales ads, many customers develop a fatigue of seasonal promotions and will thus favour a more relaxed, nuanced approach. Yes, highlight the time-sensitive nature of your sale event, but remember to soften your tone.

  • Reassess your audience. Your target audience is always evolving, so your digital strategy should too. You’ve most likely generated a buzz around your brand during the festive period, with seasonal products attracting a plethora of new customers. To ensure your ads are targeted towards the correct demographics in 2024, now is the time to take a deep dive into your analytics. Which posts and products generated the most engagement, and with whom? On which platform did you achieve the highest reach? Your evaluations will help identify new marketing opportunities that will inform and optimise future ads.

  • Hype a new product or service. Think about your goals for 2024 and get the ball moving early. With the potential to reach huge audiences, Twixmas is the perfect time to pre-launch new products. From posting behind-the-scenes sneak peeks to creating a countdown with a custom hashtag, you can use social media to build excitement. Teasing new products now will also enable you able to seamlessly transition into a more intense, sales-focused digital strategy when the products launch next year.

Don’t forget, the festive period is also a time of reflection and entertainment. If all you do is 'sell, sell, sell', people will inevitably get bored with the monotony of your content and turn away from your brand. At a period when more people are endlessly scrolling on social media, Twixmas provides an ideal opportunity to get creative with fun and educational community-focused content.

  • Celebrate your brand. Did your team reach any milestones, attend any exciting events, create some killer campaigns or get involved in the local community this year? If so, now is the perfect time to reflect on your achievements. From posting celebratory photos to getting arty with custom graphics, you could create a series of posts that spotlight your favourite moments of 2023. This will help humanise your brand and, consequently, encourage engagement on your socials.

  • Give thanks. After recently obtaining a wealth of new customers, now is the time to nurture a regular communication strategy that builds loyalty and strengthens their relationship to your brand. Start by thanking them for their support and encouraging post-purchase feedback. Not only will this exemplify your high-quality customer service, but it will also keep your business fresh in customers’ minds for repeat purchases in 2024.

  • Be responsive. Posting engaging content is imperative, but responding to user-generated content can bring huge value your social communities. By taking a moment to answer customer queries and respond to your online supporters with a comment or a like, you will motivate them to engage with your posts on a regular basis. This will also give your content an organic boost.

Ultimately, the trick to surviving Crimbo Limbo is to implement a digital strategy that compounds a mixture of sales and community-focused content. By doing so, you’ll maintain a strong digital presence, generate engagement and give a positive conclusion to the year.


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