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Black Friday 2023: Your Mindful Social Media Guide

It’s no secret that tapping into the power of social media on Black Friday can create huge opportunities for your business, from amplifying brand awareness to driving sales. Therefore, it’s vital that your marketing strategy is optimised to attract and manage an influx of online visitors. Here’s some handy tips and tricks to ensure there are no grey areas in your marketing strategy this Black Friday…

  1. Timing is everything, so plan content in advance. In anticipation of increased traffic on your social pages, it’s important to prep as much as possible to ensure you can consistently post high-quality content throughout the event. By preparing your posts and ads before the big day, you could share previews of exclusive deals to build anticipation, whilst posting at optimum times to drive traffic.

  2. Cover all your social bases. Organise your time or marketing team to ensure you’re monitoring all of your social media accounts. You need to strike whilst the iron is hot and engage with user-generated content while there is growing excitement on your socials. By promptly responding to customer enquiries and keeping the conversation going about your epic campaigns, you’ll humanise your brand and improve customer experience.

  3. Host a Black Friday giveaway. From offering a gift with purchase to a time-sensitive competition, it’s a fun way to incentivise customer engagement and sales. It will also help you attract new customers and outshine your competitors.

  4. Don’t forget your hashtags to reach a wider audience! #BlackFriday and #BlackFridaySale are a great place to start. You could even create original hashtags specific to your brand or campaign to track engagement across your socials.

  5. Follow up. From encouraging post-purchase reviews to promoting Christmas offers, it’s important to follow up with your seasonal customers to build customer loyalty. Whether you create sales or community-focused content, you need to maintain your audience’s interest. Not only will this improve overall customer experience, but it will also keep your brand fresh in their mind for future purchases.

Black and white Black Friday image with gift box and the OCOCO Media logo. Text reads 'Cover All Your Social Bases. Black Fri-Yay or Nay.'

With planning, creativity and some strategic thinking, you’re all set to supercharge the buzz around your brand. Ready. Set. Let the Black Friday fun commence!


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