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Being Kind Online - A Helpful Guide for Businesses

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” - AESOP

As we celebrate World Kindness Day with generous acts and friendly gestures, it’s important to recognise what we can do online to spread kindness.

A yellow balloon with "be kind" printed on it, on a yellow background featuring the words "Happy World Kindness Day"

As of 2022, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 151 minutes per day (Statista, 2023). So much of our lives are spent on social media and for businesses, it’s a key form of communication. Unfortunately there’s often news about these online platforms being used for negative reasons. However there’s many opportunities for using social media to spread kindness…

Here’s some top tips for being kind online, every day of the year:

1. Say hello! Replying to comments and messages may seem obvious but sometimes it seems easier to ignore. Small businesses without a large marketing team may benefit from allocating a small amount of time every day for online engagement. Even if some of your social media messages aren’t sales enquiries, it’s still important to reply. You might make someone’s day by sharing memories, making a joke or even just saying hello!

2. Be inclusive! Every business will have a target market and it’s important to prioritise that in your marketing strategy. It’s also vital to try and make everyone feel included. Ensure your marketing assets and posts incorporate a variety of people. It’s a great way to help all of your audience feel comfortable and included.

3. Celebrate success! Take time to congratulate staff for their achievements. Use your social media as a way to celebrate them. If one of your team has recently reached their ten year anniversary at the business, congratulate them and thank them for their loyalty and commitment. You can also celebrate customers and local people with their permission. If you know anyone taking part in a charitable cause, help them to raise money and awareness.

One of the most important elements of being kind online is tone of voice. Be friendly and helpful, rather than abrupt and dismissive. And remember, even if you can’t help someone, you can still be kind!


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