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Emojication – It's Time For An Emoji Makeover

We use emojis every day when we message our family and friends. They can help to communicate facial expressions, change the tone and add context… That’s why emojis can also be a secret weapon for your business’ social media strategy. When you’re planning to incorporate emojis into your content, it’s important to recognise what’s suitable and when.

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Stay on top of trends

Where it's relevant you can use emojis to express your awareness in current topics of interest. When the World Cup starts 🏆 and   might be regularly used. And for International dog day it can’t get much better than 🐕 🐶 or 🐾


Avoid going overboard

If you end every post with lines of emojis, your audience will soon get bored and learn to scroll past your posts. Instead keep it simple for a greater impact.


Know your audience

Depending on your business, your target audience might be younger, older or a mix of both. Be aware that most high frequency emoji users are in the younger demographic, and consider this when making your emoji choices.


Not every post needs an emoji

There’s certain posts where emojis are just not quite appropriate. If your announcing something more serious or that could be interpreted negatively, it’s usually best to leave emojis out. Emojis are usually considered quite a lighthearted addition and should be kept for appropriate posts.


Know the meaning

Unfortunately some emojis have more meanings than just the obvious. If you’re unsure do some research, you might be surprised by the double meanings of some emojis


Be positive

Use bright emojis that look good. Some emojis don’t translate amazingly on social media, so always check that the final product looks appealing before posting.


Transforming emojis

Be aware that emojis can differ from one device to another, as well as on different social media platforms. This is because device manufacturers and software makers use their own images to represent each emoji.


“Emojis are by no means taking away from our written language but rather accentuating it by providing a tone that words on their own often cannot. They are, in sense, the most evolved form of punctuation we have at our disposal.” - Emmy J. Favilla, A World Without “Whom” The Essential Guide to Language in the BuzzFeed Age


Did you know...

  • More than 700M emojis are used in Facebook posts every day

  • The most used emoji on X (Twitter) is 😂

  • There are 3,782 emojis available


Quick Emoji Cheat Sheet

When you don't have a lot of time to search through the endless emoji options available, it’s great to have some go to favourites that will always work for your business. Tip: Save them in your notes app for easy accessibility.

❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 - The heart emojis are always a great way to encourage audience engagement. Whenever you’re talking about something positive on social media, hearts are always appropriate. Choose the colour based on the subject matter, eg. If you’re talking about a great environmental campaign, the green heart will be the winner.

👏🎉🎊 - Celebrate! Don’t be afraid to share your wins on social media. Whether you’re talking about a prestigious award you just picked up or praising a colleague for their long service to the company, there’s so many emojis to help everyone celebrate the occasion together.

🌟✨😊 - Positivity reigns supreme on social media. Whether you’re sharing a bright smile or a shining star, you’re way more likely to encourage engagement with these happy emojis. 

✔️☑️✅ - Lists can be super helpful when you’re creating your content. Whether it’s a number of new products you want to highlight all in one post or the features of your best-selling item you can use the check mark emojis to bullet point your lists. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try bullet pointing with some of the other emojis available, be creative!

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