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A Guide to Creating Video Content on X

If I’d told you a few years ago that Twitter (now X) would become a video-first platform, I’m sure you would have laughed in my face. Long known for its plain-speaking, text-based content, the platform has recently undergone some dramatic changes since it landed in Elon Musk’s hands.

In a blog post published in January 2024, X Business declared that the social media platform was hanging up its boots as a digital space predominantly for text-based conversations and changing into a more trendy attire for advertisers—a multimedia content feed.

"X is now a video-first platform, with people watching video in 8 out of 10 user sessions."

If you’re curious about creating videos on X following this recent shift, we’ve got some good news. In this instalment of our Social Media Video Academy, we’re going to explore the different types of social videos you can create on X.

Why X?

By prioritising video content in a range of formats, with the stats to back up their decision, X appears to be evolving in line with shifting audience preferences. This has the potential to open up new marketing opportunities for content creators looking to run successful campaigns and build a strong online presence on the platform.

However, despite this monumental change in character, authenticity is still at the heart of X’s vision for content. In comparison to the playful tools featured on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, X takes a more streamlined approach to the video creation process, swapping a library of crazy filters for practical, user-friendly tools that help you publish content quickly and in real-time.

There are three ways to create video content on X: record within the app, import or upload pre-existing video content and going live. Here’s how…

Posting pre-recorded video content

Open X on your smartphone and tap the New Post icon (🔵) to get starteda blue circle with a white + inside.

Tap the Image icon (third from left) and select the video you want to upload from your camera roll.

You can include up to four videos in a single post, each up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds in length. If you're a Premium Subscriber, you can upload videos that are up to 2 hours long.

Once you've selected your video, click Add and you will be directed to the Edit screen.

As previously mentioned, X’s editing suite doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as other platforms. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; too many embellishments run the risk of overshadowing the key message in your video, reducing its impact.

Screenshot depicting video editing tools on X, featuring image of a beach.

Trim your video as required using the slider bars and choose your desired settings. Whilst it is unlikely to apply to videos created for your brand’s socials, you can add content warnings to your posts here too.

When you’re happy with your edited video, tap Done. All that’s left to do is a write an accompanying post for your video and it's good to go. It’s as easy as that!

Creating new videos within X

Screenshot depicting video creation tools on X, featuring recording screen.

Once again, open X on your smartphone and tap the New Post icon (🔵) to get started.

Tap the Image icon (third from left) and select the Camera tile (📸).

Next, slide the toolbar at the bottom of your screen to Video.

To start recording, tap the Record button (🔴). To stop recording, tap it once again.

You can flip your camera using the 🔄 icon, or add flash using the ⚡️ icon.

When you’re happy with your recording, trim as required using the toggle bars as before and hit Done.

Adding Timestamps to your Videos:

Timestamps are a great tool for providing more context to your video, organising content and making the key messages in your video more accessible. If you’re creating longer videos, adding timestamps will help your audience navigate through your content, finding the topics and segments that they’re most interested in with ease.

Important to note: Timestamps are clickable. So, once your viewer taps on it, X’s video player will automatically open and start playing your video at that specific time. However, timestamps are only visible on posts that contain 1 video.

In order to add timestamps to your video content, you simply need to add in time markers in the accompanying post in the following formats:

  • x:xx

  • xx:xx

  • x:xx:xx

  • xx:xx:xx

Going Live on X

X is a great to place to explore what’s happening in the world, exactly when it happens. By going Live, you can share important information about your brand in real-time.

To get started, tap New Post, then the Image icon (third from left) and select the Camera tile (📸). This time, select Live from the menu at the bottom of your screen.

Screenshot depicting video creation tools on X, featuring Live feature. Reads, “What’s happening” and “Add location”.

Enter a brief description in the What’s happening? line and add a location if desired.

Your live broadcast, including your description and location, will automatically appear in a post in your followers' timelines and on your profile.

Viewers will be able to interact with your video by leaving comments and heart reactions. You can turn these options off using the 💬 and 🤍 icons, respectively.

Top tip: You can also save your live video straight to your device’s camera roll at the end of your live video by tapping Save.

X Spaces

Screenshot depicting video creation tools on X, featuring Spaces feature.

Whilst formerly an audio-only chatroom feature, Spaces on X now offer live video capabilities.

Spaces bring a more interactive element to your Live videos as they’re public, so anyone can join as a listener, including people who don’t follow your account. They are great for creating collaborative videos and starting engaging conversations with other creators or your audience.

To get started, tap the New Post button and click the Spaces icon (first on the left)—this looks like a purple microphone.

First remember to check that you’ve enabled video. In our example, the toggle is grey, therefore video is off. Simply tap the toggle button to turn it on, and it will change colour.

Create your Space by adding relevant topics in the space provided. You can also choose to schedule the Space for a specific time if you wish. When you’re ready to go live, tap Start Now.

Once your Space is live, you can invite your followers to join as co-hosts or speakers by tapping on the Invite button. Up to 13 people (including the host and two co-hosts) can speak in a Space. Listeners can request permission to speak from the host by selecting the Request icon below the microphone.

Only hosts have the ability to use the video feature, everyone else will be featured on screen in an icon format.

As the host, you’re in control! You can monitor the conversation, manage speakers, mute or remove participants, and adjust video settings.

Once you're ready to conclude the chatroom, you can end the Space by tapping End. The Space will be saved as a recording for up to 30 days, allowing those who missed it to catch-up at a later date.

Top tips for creating video on X:

  1. Ensure your video is visually striking. As there are limited editing features available on X, you need to immediately capture your audience’s attention.

  2. Be brave, go live! Whilst it may seem daunting, Live video is a great way to collaborate and interact with your audience in real-time.

  3. Make timestamps to make it easier for both you and your audience to refer to specific parts of your video. This will especially come in handy when creating follow-up posts.

  4. Stay up to date with the platform’s latest video content creation features. As we have seen in its shift towards video content, X is always evolving. Check the X blog to keep track of the latest features that could be a game changer for creating social videos.


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