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The OCOCO Super Bowl Ad Round Up 2024

From Taylor Swift downing a beer to the nail-biting over time, Super Bowl LVIII certainly didn’t disappoint! With brands bringing their marketing A game to America’s biggest stage, Team OCOCO’s favourite moments from Super Bowl Sunday are always the ad breaks. So, did the campaigns score a touchdown or fumble the ball? Let’s find out…

NFL Super Bowl LVIII | Born to Play

The NFL is always wise in using one of its prime time advertising slots to promote its own brand. This year’s heart-warming ad features a young boy from Ghana, who has fallen in love with the game and dreams to play it. With cameos from NFL players, past and present, the boy eventually finds his way to the NFL International Player Pathway Program, emphasising it doesn’t matter where you’re born, if you’re born to play football.

Mountain Dew | Aubrey Plaza Is Always Having A Blast

“America’s sweetheart” Aubrey Plaza takes centre stage as her unenthusiastic tone is ironically paired with Mountain Dew’s chaotic journey. Featuring wrestlers and dragons, Plaza is unwavering in her determination to have a blast anytime, anywhere. Short, witty and memorable, this Super Bowl ad is truly a blast! 

Doritos Dinamita | Dina & Mita

Who knew that Doritos and grandmothers were a match made in heaven? The aptly named Dina and Mita jump into superhero mode to retrieve the last bag of Dinamita Doritos in an exciting Super Bowl Ad that also features Jenna Ortega! These grannies prove you’re never too old to be an action hero, as they drive mobility scooters into a car, jump through windows and even zip wire from a building. They succeed in retrieving the bag, before Jenna reappears and takes them, prompting a hilarious reaction. 

DOVE | Hard Knocks: A Dove Big Game Film

It’s a hard knock life, but that won’t stop Dove as they aim to improve body confidence. With 45% of girls quitting sports by age 14, the personal care brand used their Super Bowl spot to inspire girls with their sport program! Dove have teamed up with Nike to create a free, evidence-based tool, designed to help sports coaches support girls on their teams, build their body confidence and keep them in the game. Actions speak louder than words and Dove are really proving that with this campaign. 


From Beckham to Aniston, this star-studded ad jokes around with making room in your brain to remember everything Uber Eats delivers. It’s hilariously surprising what they forget and super fun to see celebrities poke fun at themselves. Jennifer Aniston completely forgets David Schwimmer, despite working together for ten years, while David and Victoria Beckham can’t remember the name of Victoria’s iconic girl group.

Squarespace | Hello Down There - Directed by Martin Scorsese

What’s an alien got to do to get noticed around here? According to Martin Scorsese, make a website! Delivered in the Hollywood director's signature blockbuster style, Squarespace’s Super Bowl LVIII ad tackles our obsession with technology with a punchy, sci-fi twist. Look out for his cameo at the end!

Pfizer | Here’s to Science

With an epic lip syncing ensemble, Pfizer reanimated the history of science in their genius Super Bowl LVIII ad. From Newton to Galileo to Rembrandt, the quirky ad brings a miscellany of portraits, paintings, sculptures and photographs to life, with each subject singing along to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. Despite its silly approach, it established Pfizer’s oncology work as the next scientific breakthrough…

e.l.f Cosmetics | In e.l.f we Trust

Super Bowl Sunday got Litt up! e.l.f Cosmetic's ad enlists Judge Judy (AKA Judge Beauty) and Suits alumni for some comical courtroom drama, serving justice and flawless looks for thrifty makeup lovers…

Etsy | Gift Mode

Witty, historical and slightly inaccurate, Etsy’s Super Bowl LVIII ad waves goodbye to the feeling of gift buying dread, promoting the company’s new AI-powered tool that has a present for everyone—even 19th century France! Cheese lovers, this one's for you.

Kia | Perfect 10

A 'Perfect 10', and we agree! The EV9 powers a touching moment between a grandfather and granddaughter in Kia’s Super Bowl LVIII ad, celebrating the innate power within us to brighten someone’s day. Now pass the tissues.

Clearly, brands were on the ball with their campaigns this year! Which ad was your favourite?


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